What’s in my bag?

Hey guys! So I’m on a do a what’s in my bag :))

First off I thought I’d show you my three main bags –


Radio Bag – Acessorize (not sold anymore – but you can find it on eBay etc)

Black Backpack – New Look

Black bag/purse – Coach

1. Old receipts 🙄

2. Hair bobbles – it’s always so useful to have these in your bag!

3. Sweets! Tic tacs forever!!!!


4. My purse!


5. My phone!

6. Earphones


7. Hand Sanitizer (since its winter it’s peppermint! <I’ve basically used it all tho!>)


8. Mini deodorant and spay (I hate the idea of smelling bad 😬) I put my hand next to them to compare size  🙂


Hope you liked it! Happy New Year!

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– Liv xxx


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