Dineyland – Tips and tricks!

Hey everyone! As you may know, I LOVE all things Disney – in particular, Disneyland Resort California. Ever since I can remember I’ve been going to Disneyland – when I was REALLY young my dad worked for Disney – this meant we could visit the parks for free. Then, when we were living just an hour away from Anaheim I could never resist! Whether it was the last day of school – or just a sunny weekend I was begging my parents to take me! Now that I live in England, my family and I go back home to LA every summer – so OF COURSE I go with my friends. Going on all these trips has given me a HUGE knowledge of Disneyland tips and tricks so, I thought I’d share them with you!

  1. THE BAG – Always bring one! Backpacks are best – especially when your bag starts to feel heavy! I always bring a backpack and fill it with the essentials:
    • Waterbottle – empty or full: I always bring a water bottle with me so I don’t have to pay for the overpriced ones they sell in the park! Also, if you bring a bottle with you, you’ll be able to refill it – both at water fountains, filtered water stations and….. a Disney trick is coming….. ASK FOR TAP WATER AT THE RESTAURANTS this will be free!! Then you can simply pour it into your bottle (instead of carrying the cup around with you!)
    • Snacks – always bring them! Especially if you’re going with young children – the snacks at Disneyland are extremely expensive! It’s always nice to get 2 obackpackr 3 but when you’re walking around that much you do get hungry, so it’s always good to bring a snack. Last year I brought a whole pack of Goldfish and my friends and I devoured the WHOLE thing!
    • At least 2 plastic bags – I always bring a plastic bag to keep my phone in – it’s perfect because you can use your phone through the bag, and it’s safe when you’re water rides! I bring a second (or a couple extras) for any other things I want to keep safe from water or in case the bag breaks :).
    • Portable charger! MUST HAVE although Disney does have charging lockers, these should be a last resort (pun un-intended… don’t you just love me… no? okay)  – they cost money, and even though they lock, you’re still ditching your phone!
    • Sunglasses/case- This is obvious… it’s sunny!
    • Sun block – Even if it doesn’t feel very sunny, or it’s a cloudy day… the sun still shines through! Always make sure to re-apply and re-apply, hey, at least it’s something to do while you’re waiting in line!
    • Chapstick – it’s always good to have! Especially when it’s sunny you’re lips become DRY.
    • Hand sanitizer and/or wipes – I always have these with me, and if you’re travelling with kids it’s even better. As lovely as a place it is, Disneyland is still dirty – think of how many children, sweaty tourists and adorable babies have touched after (if they’re a kid obvs) the hand rail you are now sitting on, leaning against, resting your tired arms on! Especially with the amount of finger food at Disney, it’s always best to give your hands a quick wipe/sanitise.
    • Mini spray/deodorant if you have read my What’s in my bag? post you’ll know I carry at least one of these around with me anyway, but it’s always good to have them with you at Disneyland – when you’re standing in crowded, hot lines or walking from one to park to the other – you get HOT and SWEATY and no one wants to add SMELLY to the list do they?
  2. FASTPASSES – Don’t waste time waiting in the lines for rides! Fastpasses are so helpful! Always make sure first thing you do is go and grab a FastPass for the (first) ride you know you want to do! Then, you can ride it within the hour-long period FastPassallowed then get another AS SOON AS YOU’RE ALLOWED. Also, if you have a park hopper ticket – you can get two FastPasses for a ride in each park (that are in the same time period)
  3. THE DISNEYLAND APP – This app is AMAZING!! You can see the wait times for different rides, you’re shown the location of; characters, restaurants (you can also book a table!), shops, restrooms, PhotoPass photographers and so much more!disneyland app This app makes life so easy while you’re at the parks and the best part… it’s FREE!
  4. EARS – By them ahead of time! You can find them online for much cheaper than they are in the parks, I personally feel it’s much more magical to buy them in the parks, but, when looking on Etsy you can find GORGEOUS variations of Disney ears for cheap! Also, if you are an adult, teen or just don’t have a child size head – don’t wear the ears until you get to the parks, and take them off when you don’t think you need them on, cause as pretty as they are THOSE SUCKERS HURT!
  5. REPLACEMENT – If you buy snacks or balloons, and you accidentally drop/let go of them tell a cast member and they (should) replace it!Vans
  6. SHOES – Where COMFORTABLE shoes, the best shoes are sneakers/Vans/Converse/Superstars or Toms. You will be walking around soooo much, so make sure your shoes don’t rub and are the right size!
  7. MICKY ICE CREAMS – These melt soooo quick, and the best way to keep the melting ice cream off your hands is – ask a cast member working at a food stand or a restaurant for the lid of a cup, if poke the stick of the ice cream into the hole in the lid all the ice cream will melt onto the lid, instead of your hands.
  8. PARKING – The Disneyland parking lot is as helpful as possible in helping you to remember where you parked, but it’s always helpful to take a picture of the sign Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 14.45.39stating your area of the lot’s character name, colour and number. This way there’s no way you’ll forget where your car is!




I hope this helps you next time you go to Disneyland! Thanks for reading! If you like what you see, make sure to follow my blog and check out some of my other posts!

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