DIY Glitter Wish Jar

Hey guysies!

So, yesterday I bought a cute jar thing that said ‘Wishes’ on it from Clintons on sale for like £2.20… which was pretty great 🙂 but I accidentally spilt most of the small amount of glitter in it out – so I thought I’d make a project out of it….

today I bought some big glitter stars and some small gold glitter tubes – this was a total of £1.99 :))

Next, I added some of the stars and a tiny bit of gold glitter and filled the jar with water (about half way) I then put the cork back in the top and since the ‘Wishes’ came off (that’s what I get for shopping in the sale 😂) I wrote Wishes onto a piece of tape, then stuck it on 🙂 this is the final product –


Have fun creating!

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– Liv xxx


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