March Faves 🍀

Hey everyone! I’m so sorry about not posting! It’s so difficult when I’m at school cause we have no wifi 😫   But I thought I’d tell you guys my March Favourites!

  1. Beauty and the Beast 2017 – this film is actually so amazing! I was spectacle of it at first, as I love the original 1991 animation, but I was so happy I went to see it! The CGI, acting and singing in the movie is just amazing and I TOTALLY suggest y’all go and see it!!!
  2. Okay, so this is a top I bought from topshop, but I couldn’t find it on the website… so I can’t really give the correct name/price…. So sorry! I love it though, it is so summery/springy????? and it comfy and easy to move in. It’s a light top and the only problem I found with it is – it doesn’t have a under top which meant anytime the wind blew I would have to be sure to hold it down, otherwise I would flash my bra! Other then that, it’s a great top!! Theres a picture of it down there ⬇️
  3. London mist – this is a body spray by Hollister, in their new collection. I LOVE it, it was £12 and completely worth it! The scenIMG_0397t ismuch more like a perfume then their other scents – it’s less fruity and more floral. I also love their new packaging – the only real difference is the label, but I love the way they have the Union Jack printed on the back of the ingredients label- this means you can see the flag through the liquid and it acts as a backdrop for the front of the bottle. The front also has shiny flower petals surrounding the Hollister logo and name of the spray. Overall, a great spray! Buy It!!
  4. Mad Beauty – cherry fragranced hand lotion. This was actually a gift, and it came in a set of their other cherry scented products (which I love all of them!). But I have found this so helpful, as I have such dryhands, and it smells so amazing it’s helped me remember to put it on all the time! It has a very sweet scent – so be prepared for that, and if you don’t like the smell of cherry flavoured sweets – this is definitely not for you, but I LOVE it! This is the set ❤ it’s £8.99 which, I think is an amazingly reasonable price – especially for the quality of the products that come in the set! I also loved the spray hand sanitiser… I love scented hand sanitisers… like LOVE, but this one was a spray which made it even more exciting!
  5. Deliciously Ella Energy Balls – these. are. amazing. These are a great, healthy snack – especially just before dance class, as they give you a burst of energy and taste amazing! I’ve been trying the almond & cacao energy balls, and they taste SO GOOD they basically taste like brownies, but are made of all natural ingredients! Here they are! I especially love the fact you can both buy them pre-made and that the recipe is on the Deliciously Ella website – which means you can make them yourself! I haven’t tried yet, but I DEFINITELY WILL!
  6. ASDA Let Them Eat Cake White Chocolate Macaroon Bath & Shower Foam – I swear to god, I have never had a soap that smelt so good! This EXTREMELY affordable soap is totally worth a try! It smells and amazing and has a gorgeous, silky texture with a gorgeous pearl like creme colour. Absolutely love Can you believe it’s only £3
  7. Oops By Little Mix – this song is actually so good. It’s a feel good happy song about a love story – breaking up, getting together etc etc etc. The song has a happy melody and just leaves you feeling great!
  8. Bumble and Bumble BB Sunday Shampoo – I’ve actually been using this since the summer, but I thought I’d include it anyway! I use it once a month as a stripping shampoo – it is just great! It leaves your hair and scalp so soft, and smells great! Linkylink
  9. Primark Aviator Sunglasses – I mean, who doesn’t love Primark sunglasses!? These are slick, pretty and simple glasses. What else can I say? Absolutely love them! :))
  10. Finally, you always have to have some sort of makeup when you do a favourites… so this month I have chosen….. the classic – Velvet Teddy Lipstick by Mac. It’s great! It’s a lovely pink/brown colour and adds to a wonderful natural look. It stays on amazingly (especially with lip liner) and I pretty much use it everyday! So prettyyyyy

What are your favourites? Have you tried any of these? Are you going to? I’d love to hear from you all in the comments!

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