How to: Homesickness

Hey everyone! I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting very much, but it’s literally so hard when you live at a boarding house with no wifi!!!! I though I’d write a quick post about homesickness, and how to get through it. I’ve experienced it LOADS of times since going to boarding school, and many others do! So, is you’re going away to a “sleep away camp”, boarding school or even just a sleepover and you think you might be homesick, I hope this can help you ❤️

First things first, when you are feeling homesick just know YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE, most of time loads of people will be homesick, so more than others… but still homesick. You. are not. alone. Now, after you remember you are alone I will put ££££ solutions to help you with homesickness ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  1. For me, calling or texting my mom always helped, but I have a lot of friends who felt that if they maybe didn’t call their parents for 2/3 nights it helped them get over it – so it is really just finding out what suits you. Now, that I’m not homesick I don’t call my parents everyday, but I do always send them a goodnight message – which could be helpful to you! If you send a goodnight/morning message to your parents everyday it could help you to feel more like you are home.
  2. Recognise you are homesick – and know that it is okay, and if need to cry do 🙂 Sometimes when people are homesick they try to push it out of their head, and not let the emotions come out. Sometimes this is the worst thing to do because then all the emotions you have bottled up will eventually explode out unexpectedly.Obviously, don’t walk around crying 24/7 but a good cry is always helpful 😉
  3. Distractions!!! When you start to feel homesick the best thing to do is to distract yourself!! Say – you’re at a dance camp, as soon as you start to feel homesick go and do some press-ups or a small ab workout (😂  ) this will distract you from feeling homesick because you’ll be thinking about what you are doing – Plus NOW YOU GOT STRONG ABS!!!
  4. FIND PEOPLE….. Go and chill out with your friends – the WORST thing to do when you’re homesick is be by yourself, as soon as you’re with friends you’ll be laughing and talking – telling stories, messing around! You will definitely
  5. Get. To. Sleep. I have always found homesickness is worst when you are tired, or it is late at night, now I’m over it I can stay up, but when I was homesick I always tried to get to sleep asap after the “Bedtime Bell” went – the best way to do this is read a book or watch a movie/tv show you’ve seen a hundred times before, this should help you fall asleep. Obviously, it’s okay t stay up ESPECIALLY if you’re having fun and not feeling homesick.
  6. Photos – Because I’m at a boarding school we can put pictures up etc which is really helpful for some people – for example I have all my pictures of family by my head on the wall next to my bed – so I can see them at night (cringey, yes, I know) anyway – I know that at some month long camps they let you put up pictures. Or, if they don’t just bring a few with you either in a photo book, a collage, in an envelope etc etc etcimg_7888
  7. Make your room your own – the picture above was towards the beginning of the year, so my bed didn’t have much on it…. but it defo does now!! The more homely you make your bed, the more you’ll want to sleep in it! Now, on my bed I’ve added washi tape, more pictures, decor and more! (ew that rhymed ahahaha)

Finally, just remember IT WILL GO AWAY I know that’s incredibly hard to believe…. I didn’t, but it will, for some people it takes a week others a day and some, even a month… but it will go away no matter what 💜  I hope this helps anyone with homesickness, who think they might get it or knows someone with it 💜

If you have any other tips with homesickness pop them in the comments! Or if you’ve ever struggled with homesickness? Down in the comments 😉  Any questions? I’ll answer them…. in the comments! (okay this is even annoying me)

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4 thoughts on “How to: Homesickness

  1. Alyssa Flanagan says:

    Homesickness was a very hard thing for me Freshman year of college but I found all of these things to be extremely helpful as well! Also, I just uploaded a new post and I would love if you would check it out!


  2. updownflight says:

    This post brought back memories of when I was homesick living in Taiwan and California. I’m originally from New Jersey in the U.S.. I went to private school and university within easy driving distance of my hometown, but obviously not when I moved much further away.

    I may move to Europe some day in the future. My husband is originally from Europe. I’ll keep your suggestions in mind. Thank you!


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