Busy Dayssss


Today’s been a BU-SY day! I woke up totally forgetting I had a Maths tutoring session to go to today so I casually  got up, took a bath-bomb bath while watching Gossip Girl 😉 next I put on some pyjama shorts and an old school-triathlon t-shirt for “Physical Endeavour” (my shoe fell off but I finished the running bit anyway! Aaayyyyy) sorry… that’s off-topic. Anyway – I then got back into bed and wrote my earlier blog post  – ME 🙂….. then my dad told me we had to leave in ten minutes!! So I threw on my new rusty orange jumper from New Look which (btw) I LOVE!!! and some mascara, grabbed my books then ran. After maths I went to see the new movie Ballerina with my friend Mima and tbh it was great! I’m home now having a bit of a rest before running off to pantoland for my last show of Wizard of Oz. I auditioned to be in the panto before I knew I was going to go away to school so, since I couldn’t go to rehearsals, they gave me a small role at the end of the show bringing on toto and the Ruby Slippers! Sorry for rambling so much! The featured image and the picture below are me posing in my new sweater!! hahahaimg_8816


Can’t wait for New Years Eve tomorrow :)))))

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– Liv xxx


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